How to achieve weight loss for life.

Weight loss is not just about calories and exercise. Learn what chemicals are keeping you fat…

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There are myths, and mis-information that we are surrounded with and exposed to daily.  It's time to snowball these myths with pertinent facts.

Fact...Toxic ingredience overloads the endocrine system. We may feel safe when a product says "Dermatologist Tested", "Natural" or "Smart."

However, there's nothing natural or smart about it. A trick of the marketing guru to convince you to by their product. These can and will contain hidden chemicals that keeps us sick and fat.

Fact...You can be exposed to hundreds of pesticides that keep you fat. Here is just one : The (EPA) found that chlorine byproducts (known as dioxins) are 300,000 more times as carcinogenic as the chemical pesticide DDT.  90% of human exposure to dioxins can be in our food supply, including pork. 

Fact...Nutrition and cognition. Obesity can interfere with a child's learning ability PLUS  obesity can be linked to a smaller brain size.

Fact...Obesity targets children. What can be keeping our children fat? Reward systems target children to overeat. Years ago, commercials promoted tobacco as safe and we bought it. Today, cereals are laced with poisons, chemicals, dyes, sugars and pesticides and we buy them. 

Fact... Medication targets women, children & men into obesity and estrogen dominance.

Fact...Reward systems are everywhere. Teachers in a Minnesota study were found to routinely offer sweets and other edibles as perks for peak performance in learning. In fact, the numbers from that groundbreaking study showed that 69% of the school systems studied allowed - either as a matter of policy or by tacit approval - the use of food incentives as part of the teaching process.

Fact...Your pantry can be hidding toxins that keep you fat & sick. Learn what can excite the brain, increased serum triglycerides, interfere with digestion and keep you fat. Unknowingly you may even have it in your pantry right now.

Fact...Hormone balance keeps weight in check. Getting hormones back to harmony and weight managed may require more than merely staying away from certain foods. Learn the truth about hormone disruption and how it applies to your weight loss efforts.


I invite you to Be Well.  16 weeks of exclusive coaching include the latest studies and research information you can take home and use right away. Experience breakthrough insight, true wellness and new habits for rejuvenating self-care with weight loss. 







About The Author


Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Published Author, Weight loss for life expert, Gluten-Free Lifestyle Educator, Cancer Prevention Coach,  Certified Reiki Master, Skin Health from within Teacher. Connie specializes in toxins and challenges that can disrupt our Integumentary, Metabolic and Endocrine Health. These toxins can keep you sick & fat.


Being a Health Coach, her clients typically include businessmen & women who are looking for a way to incorporate new healthy habits, tools & skills into their already busy lifestyles and need support in doing so. 

 With almost 4 decades of hands-on experience, she brings the highest level of integrity and dedication to each of her clients, working together towards simple, yet powerful solutions.  She teaches "Weight Loss for Life",  "Stress Less for Life",  'Tune up your Hormones' &  "Skin Health from Within".  Disease & disharmony tell a story not just about our cells and diagnosis, but of ourselves and our lifestyle. She believes “Health is a reflection of how we choose to live!” View her new book here 


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